Titiraupenga Trust

Titiraupenga Trust is an Ahu Whenua Trust responsible for the Maori freehold lands known as the Huiarua Development Scheme, being Pouakani C No.1B Sec. 1 Block and Pouakani C No. 1B Sec. 2 Block. The Trust was established on 3 December 1991 under the then Maori Affairs Act 1953.

An Ahu Whenua trust is a common land trust. It is designed to promote the use and administration of one or more Māori land blocks or general land owned by Māori on behalf of its owners.

An Ahu Whenua Trust:

  • Can be established over one or more land blocks
  • Vests the legal responsibility for the administration of the land in Trustees
  • Has a set Trust Order which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the Trustees.

The benefits of an Ahu Whenua Trust include:

  • Greater opportunity to use the land.
  • Trustees can be appointed to administer and manage the block.
  • You remain a beneficial owner in the block and can participate in owner meetings and decisions about the direction of the trust.
  • The Trust becomes the single point of contact for the block.

Te Kooti Whenua Māori – The Māori Land Court

The Maori Land Court are responsible for maintaing the record of Maori Land ownership and registration. They are the only Court with specific jurisdiction over Maori Land as confered by Te Ture Whenua Maori Act.

All queries regarding whether you are a beneficial owner, (or how you may succeed as an owner) please see our “Registrations” page.